Just Landed: Colorescience, The Fusion of Sun Care, Skincare and Colour

A Higher Standard Of Beauty

Colorescience brings together skin protection, nourishment and superior colour into every single product. The all in one skincare, sun care and cosmetics essentials feature luxury grade pigments, 100%  healthy ingredients and innovative formulas designed to deliver a better kind of beauty.
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cate blanchett makeup artist

Makeup Artists All Time Favourite Products

Ever wondered what products the best of the best makeup artists use and love? You know, the type of makeup artists that dedicate their professional lives to accompanying the endlessly-photographed through late-night gas station runs, global press tours, mega-wattage red carpets and just about everything in between.

And given that the contents of their kit are required to both withstand scorching stage lights and photograph flawlessly, we were curious: what are the products they can’t live without?
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hyaluronic acid

Five Reasons Why Your Skincare Products Should Include Hyaluronic Acid

So, we know we want our skin to be softer, smoother, hydrated, plump……I could keep going. With so much choice in skincare products, it’s important to actually know what we’re putting on our skin and what it does.
Hyaluronic acid is an ingredient that can prevent many common skin ailments and here are the reasons why you should use it.
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face masks

The At-Home Beauty Trend To Try Today.

If you’re not already partaking in this beauty trend, you’ve probably at least seen it in action on Instagram!
Known as multi-masking……..yes,  it’s a clever little beauty tactic of applying multiple beauty masks to different areas of the face. Rather than choosing one mask and swiping it all over, multi-masking is layering different types of masks in order to target different skincare concerns.
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