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10 Sep

Anti-Ageing Solutions For Radiant Skin.

Apot.Care is a unique anti-ageing brand created using ophthalmic medicine techniques. This very same technology and active ingredients are poured into the super smart lineup of skin care. The result? Skin that looks visibly refined and radiant.

The Must-Haves

Apot.Care HYALURONIC Pure Serum – Hydration

Formulated with the highest concentration of hyaluronic acid recommended by dermatologists to have targeted action on skin, this powerful serum boosts skin’s moisture content, helping to keep the complexion plump and hydrated.

Apot.Care HYALURONIC Pure Serum - Hydration

Apot.Care VITAMIN B3 Pure Serum

This powerful serum targets redness, dark spots and acne scars, contains the highest concentration of vitamin B3 recommended by dermatologists to have a real effect on the complexion. Assists in diminishing the appearance of dryness, pigmentation, sun damage, acne and signs of skin agieng.

A powerful ingredient lauded for its ability to interact with and guide cells, niacinamide (B3) addresses a number of skin concerns including the appearance of acne, hyper pigmentation, reduced skin elasticity and redness

When applied topically, niacinamide encourages the skin’s cells to behave in a more effective manner to mimic younger, healthier cells.

Apot.Care VITAMIN B3 Pure Serum - Anti-Redness

Apot.Care COLLAGEN Pure Serum – Plump

This serum delivers a dose of plumping hydration to the complexion, targeting skin elasticity, wrinkles and fine lines. This powerful serum boosts collagen and elastin levels, resulting in firmer, plumper and healthier skin.

It works to firm, plump and improve your skins moisture levels as Collagen is able to bind and retain many times its own weight in water which allows for its strong moisturising abilities.

It works with elastin and assists in renewing skin cells to give skin a smooth and softer texture. Collagen and elastin are abundant proteins in the body, however as we age they gradually deplete, leading to a decline in skin elasticity, as well as the formation of wrinkles and fine lines.

Apot.Care COLLAGEN Pure Serum - Plump

Apot.Care VITAMIN A Pure Serum – Anti-Wrinkle

This serum visibly improves skin tone, reduces wrinkles and delivers superb radiance. It is a retinoid derivative of vitamin A, helping to repair damaged skin cells and counteract the activity of enzymes that degrade collagen.

One of the most powerful ingredients in skincare, Retinoid works to enhance skin’s radiance and visibly improve the look of fine lines, wrinkles, acne, oiliness and rosacea.

Apot.Care VITAMIN A Pure Serum - Anti-Wrinkle

Apot.Care VITAMIN C Pure Serum – Brighten

This hydrating and protective Vitamin C serum is a wonder for brightening the complexion, reducing the appearance of pores and improving overall skin condition.

It works to protect your complexion against free radicals while strengthening collagen and reducing pigmentation caused by sun damage. It acts as a melanin inhibitor, therefore, brightening hyperpigmentation over time.

Apot.Care VITAMIN C Pure Serum - Brighten

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