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Category: Beauty

21 May

Working Overtime

As a first-time Mother, I didn’t realise how much my own routine would be thrown out of whack by setting up my mini-kind’s sleep-eat-play habits.

Before my son was born, I had a regular skincare routine, exfoliated weekly and made sure I put on body lotion everyday. Oh how that has changed. It’s not that I don’t care, I do. I’m just time-poor most-mornings in between getting a sippy cup full of milk and changing a dirty nappy plus managing to squeeze in a hot coffee. And I’m exhausted at night.

2 Feb

To protect, or breakout?

Finally it is my turn to say hello! I am single mum and appreciate high quality makeup and skincare. Although my budget is limited I do have moments of madness when I purchase a beauty product instead of paying a bill. Ah yes, you’re all nodding with Choosing the right sunscreen for oily and combination skin prone to breakouts, UVA and UVB protectionguilt. I completely empathise as I seem to do it on a regular basis. In my defence I do work for a beauty company so I need to know about products right? I digress.

As I have fair skin and burn easily I am always on the hunt for the perfect sunscreen that won’t make me look like Casper the ghost and will protect me from turning into a lobster-like creation.

Sunscreen is very important in Australia as the sun is rather harsh and plus I am vain and would like to keep my skin youthful for as long as I can!