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4 May

Clean Beauty

clean beauty

Not so long ago, natural skincare was relatively unknown and definitely found collecting dust on the back shelf in health food store! Today, we have come a long way in a fairly short amount of time, as we are more savvy about what’s in the creams and lotions we apply to our skin.

Speaking of which, let’s address the boring (but important) science to all of this: Clean beauty can be summed up as products that are free of known carcinogens, endocrine blockers or elements harmful to reproductive health. There, with that out of the way, if detoxing your beauty routine is something you would like to try, here is where to start—and why—along with a list of some of our all-time favourite clean beauty.



Conventional antiperspirants and deodorants—like many other personal-care products—contain a long list of ingredients which may be of concern to some, particularly aluminium. What’s different here is the direct contact deodorant has with detoxifying areas: your underarms. Lymph nodes and sweat glands are concentrated there for a reason. The fact that the skin there is thin, and regularly exfoliated through shaving, may make it more vulnerable to absorption compared to skin elsewhere on the body.

If you’re skeptical that clean deodorant will do it for you, try Kai Deodorant Stick, this translucent formula combines vitamin e, chamomile, and plant extracts with natural skin conditioning sugars to control moisture and keep you feeling dry, fresh and subtly Kai-scented throughout the day, and it is Aluminium free.


Kai Deodorant Stick



The most potent anti-ageing product in existence, is sunblock! At the same time, though, chemical sunscreens are among the most powerful skin irritants in the beauty industry—and inflammation is one of the primary causes of aging. So the “daily” sunscreen many people put on first thing every morning can actually work against them, by causing irritation. Mineral sunblock, on the other hand, calms skin as opposed to irritating it and lasts until you wash or sweat it off. The only negative — that it can take longer to rub in—is now practically non-existent, as several clean cosmetics companies have made clean sunblock formulas much more blendable.

The Lavanila Laboratories Healthy Sun Screen Sport Luxe Face & Body Cream SPF 30 blends like a dream, we love it first thing in the morning, every day. It’s 100% natural mineral sunscreen infused with SmartSport™ technology for high performance, ultra-sheer protection that resists water and sweat. Packed with skin-saving antioxidants, this formula delivers superior protection for while nourishing and replenishing the skin. SmartSport technology blends antibacterial, antimicrobial, and nourishing actives including rosemary, sage, Japanese green tea, and organic baking soda that has been tested under extreme conditions to break down water and sweat molecules and deliver superior, invisible, all-natural protection.

Lavanila Laboratories The Healthy Sun Screen Sport Luxe Face & Body Cream SPF 30


We often assume that clean skincare is less powerful than conventional skincare— and we are wrong, its actually often more powerful. Instead of fillers and texturises (ingredients that give you that spreadability), clean skincare contains higher percentages of the actives they’re made with. Take Juice Beauty’s Exfoliating Cleanser for instance, it contains a blend of certified organic refining pineapple enzymes and soothing aloe vera juices infused with dissolving jojoba beads to gently exfoliate and clean, working together to exfoliate, smooth, soften, and brighten skin, so the results are more powerful.

Juice Beauty Exfoliating Cleanser

Shampoo and Conditioner

Conventional hair care products tend to contain powerful fragrances, sulphates and preservatives as the most common ingredients, which we then work into our scalp and end up with them all over the body in the shower. Switching to clean hair products—especially those you use in the shower—may make a difference in the exposure to certain chemicals, and hair health. Clean shampoos tend to be less stripping, since they don’t use industrial sulfates and detergents. Clean conditioners rely on natural oils and butters as opposed to silicones (which do anything to actually condition hair) to soften, so the shine you get is for-real healthy hair, not simply the appearance of it.

The scent of both the shampoo and conditioner from Kai is the icing on the cake! Kai shampoo is formulated with coconut oil, glycerin, and mild surfactants to delicately remove dirt and build-up without stripping hair of colour or texture. The blend of argan oil and glycolic acid allows the shampoo to exfoliate and moisturize the scalp, effectively strengthening the hair, locking in long-lasting moisture, smoothness and manageability.

This conditioner is uniquely infused with vitamin E, shea butter, safflower seed oil, plant extracts, and a special blend of argan oil and glycolic acid to reconstruct, detangle, and replenish hydration levels deep within the hair shaft. Serving as a perfect complement to Kai shampoo, this conditioner helps restore vibrancy, strength, and smoothness, and will leave hair feeling soft, silky, frizz free and full of elasticity. Hair is left feeling healthy, soft, shiny, and subtly Kai-scented.

kai shampoo



Serums, designed to be the most active and results-oriented step in any skincare routine, are again often chock full of fillers and ingredients designed to make them “feel” like they’re working (silicones, for example, are in practically every conventional serum out there, simply to make them feel smoother; they do nothing to actually treat skin). A few nights of treatment with Juice Beauty Antioxidant Serum and your skin will thank you!


Lip Balm

A majority of conventional lip balms are made primarily of petroleum jelly, with fragrance and flavours added in. Since we do actually consume most of what we put on our lips, nourishing elements like the shea butter, cocoa butter and almond milk in Lavera Lip Balm are the healthier option.


Body Moisturiser

Your skin is your largest organ by far, so the ingredients in a body cream make a tremendous difference. Covering the majority of your skin with a petroleum-based, preservative and fragrance-infused conventional formula may expose you to skin irritants (even “fragrance-free” lotions are typically made with masking fragrance, so just as irritating to sensitive skin).

A clean formula, on the other hand, infuses your skin with benefits from the botanicals it’s made with—in the case of this brilliant, supremely moisturising, subtly scented one from Cowshed Gorgeous Cow Blissful Body Lotion, uses a luxurious blend of Shea and Cocoa Butters with Vitamin E to moisturise and soften skin without leaving it feeling sticky or greasy, plus it’s scented with a bouquet of floral essential oils to soothe the mind and boost your mood.

Cowshed Gorgeous Cow Blissful Body Lotion


To be clear, I’m not suggesting a massive overhaul of your beauty routine, but incorporating clean products into your regimen should be similar to the way many people approach food: Mostly healthy but not without the indulgent meal or handful of snake lollies thrown in. And in the same way we’ve become conscious of what is in our food, learning what ingredients are safe in our beauty products also takes time.


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