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15 Jun

Dermatologist Approved Anti-Aging Skincare.

dermatologist recommend products

We asked top dermatologists which skincare creams, and treatments they recommend. If you want products that work, this is your dazzling round up (and they’re good on all skin types).


Antioxidant Serum
Skin Ceuticals C E Ferulic Combination Antioxidant Treatment

Skin Ceuticals C E Ferulic Combination Antioxidant Treatment









This serum contains one of the most effective forms of vitamin C, so it brightens skin and fights wrinkles – plus it contains vitamin E and ferulic acid to work in synergy with the vitamin C. And it provides an extra level of protection from the sun and pollutants.

Vitamin C is one of the best ingredients for brightening skin and building collagen. Unlike many other vitamin C serums, this one comes in a dark glass bottle to help keep it stable.

Wrinkle Treatment 

Retinol is, without a doubt, the best over-the-counter wrinkle smoother, and this treatment contains a high concentration of it. Apply it every night and you could see a real difference, even on deep creases. Retinoids are vitamin A derivatives, and are the fastest fix for wrinkles and dark spots. The best reason yet, to incorporate retinol into your skincare is that research indicates that retinoid throws precancerous cells into normal growth cycles so they’re more likely to go away.

Skin Medica Retinol Complex 0.25
Retinol Complex .25 is an exemplary retinol product whose fragrance-free formula is a lotion texture best for normal to dry or combination skin that’s not too oily. Along with anti-aging superstar retinol (the “.25” in the name refers to the strength of this vitamin A ingredient), you’re getting an outstanding mix of antioxidants, cell-communicating ingredients, and repairing agents—all in packaging that keeps these beneficial ingredients stable and effective during use.

Note: The strength of this retinol product is higher than most over-the-counter retinol products. If you decide to use this, follow usage instructions and pay close attention to how your skin responds, adjusting frequency of application as needed. Also, remember that it’s imperative to protect your skin every day with a product rated SPF 25 or greater—any anti-aging routine must include daily sun protection or you simply won’t get the results you want.

The strength of this retinol product is suitable for sensitive skin, and most with extra-sensitive skin won’t want to use a higher-strength retinol product than this (but feel free to experiment with varying strengths to see how your skin responds).


Skin Medica Retinol Complex 0.25










Night Cream
NIA24 Intensive Recovery Complex (Extreme Cream)
A combo of potent peptides, which increase skin’s collagen production, and niacinamide, an antioxidant that’s proven to diminish pigment spots-all in a nourishing moisturiser.

NIA24 Intensive Recovery Complex (Extreme Cream)









Dark Spot Fader

DERMAdoctor Photodynamic Therapy Age Spot Eraser & Skin Brightener


DERMAdoctor Photodynamic Therapy Age Spot Eraser & Skin Brightener










This is an intriguing product to consider if you have skin discolouration. Dr. Kunin, the dermatologist behind the DERMAdoctor line, has blended small amounts of several ingredients that do indeed have research showing they can interrupt the process in skin that leads to the appearance of discolorations.

This product is a great alternative to prescription spot treatments, remember to be diligent with your sunscreen, or the spots will return.


La Roche Posay Anthelios 60 Cooling Water Lotion Sunscreen SPF 60


La Roche Posay Anthelios 60 Cooling Water Lotion Sunscreen SPF 60









Many, if not most, of the changes that take place on our skin over the years, such as wrinkles, skin discolorations, loss of elasticity, texture problems, and dryness, are the result of sun damage from exposure to the sun without appropriate or adequate sun protection. It is the best anti ageing skincare product to use.

In addition to keeping your skin looking younger, a good sunscreen can also potentially help prevent some forms of skin cancer. Sunscreen is an absolute must if you have already been treated for any type of skin cancer (or have a family history of it).


Try these five skin-care products that dermatologists love unconditionally and use religiously.

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