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11 Oct

Fillers Without Injections. What?


OK, disclaimer: There are no injections happening over the course of the next few words. No needles. Fillerina’s Replenishing Treatment comes with two syringes, mostly very cute ones, but they do not pass through your epidermis at any point—unless you are super clumsy.

While Fillerina has been available for purchase since 2014, it has only recently gained traction in Australia. This luxe hyaluronic acid-based treatment is a two-step process that you can apply to your own skin, in the comfort of your own home. Fillerina is a little more high tech than your average hyaluronic acid serum, but not quite as intense as fillers and botox injections.

So, is Fillerina the non-surgical skin plumper we never knew we needed?

How is Fillerina different to other Hyaluronic Acid serums?

Fillerina is much, much stronger than your average hyaluronic acid serum. Yet, despite giving similar results to hyaluronic acid-based skin-boosting injections, there are no needles involved. You could say it’s the best of both worlds.

Hyaluronic is a popular humectant and on the surface of your skin, it helps preserve your skins moisture barrier. When it gets underneath the skin, that’s where the plumping and volumizing happens, but topical hyaluronic doesn’t get there—the most common hyaluronic molecule is too big to go deep enough, and it ends up rinsing off sooner or later.

Fillerina doesn’t. It is formulated with 6 different types of hyaluronic acid that are all small enough to get underneath your skin. Unlike other topicals, this one is getting HA where it belongs.

How does Fillerina work?

Don’t be fooled by the two syringes in the Fillerina starter pack—there will be no injections as part of the treatment. These two syringes allow for a very measured application of the highly concentrated Replenishing Gel and Nourishing Film.

Step 1: Use the syringe to draw out 2mL of the Replenishing Gel and drop onto an area of skin that needs a little plumping. This product does all of the heavy lifting and should be used sparingly.

Step 2: Use the other syringe to draw out the Nourishing Film. The Nourishing Film is more of an all-over moisturiser.


Each molecule reaches deeper and deeper into the skin, finally landing at the innermost dermis and depositing skin-plumping HA. Injectables will take the big molecules (the ones that can’t penetrate the skin topically) and put them right into the dermis for maximum plumping, which deliver visible and lasting results. The effects last almost as long as injectables, but the payoff is subtler. A natural lift, instead of an administered one.

This is where we tell you why the syringes are important! They make it super easy to measure the product and they’re also great for precision placement—in your nasiolabial folds, on forehead lines, etc. Great for the undereyes, where skin is thin and often dark, then a little on the cheekbones, because why not? Draw 2mL from the Replenishing Gel, apply it only to the areas you want it, and then pat it in. This is the pure hyaluronic stuff. Wait for 10 minutes, and look!

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