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30 Apr

Foundation Wardrobing: No…One Foundation Does Not Fit All!

foundation wardrobing

foundation wardrobing


Unfortunately, whoever said that all you need is one great foundation, is totally wrong!

One Foundation formulation will not get you through all occasions!

So, this is what I like to call “Foundation Wardrobing”, after all we would not wear our weekend, down time favourite pants to the office, would we now!!

Your foundation formulation needs, works precisely on same principle. Think of foundation wardrobing as introducing different formulations for different occasions.

Work Foundation
An everyday foundation formulation should be natural, sheer and long lasting.

nars sheer glow


Weekend, Outdoor, Downtime Foundation

On the weekend and in your downtime you don’t need a lot of makeup. Opt for a light formulation with skincare benefits and a good amount of SPF.


bare minerals complexion recus


Night Out, Date Night, Special Occasion

For that night out or special occasion, foundation needs to have that extra something, more coverage, longevity, hydrating properties and little to no SPF (we don’t want flashback)! It needs to give you a flawless perfected look!

by terry foundation

Sarah Henderson

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    Oh my goodness! a great article dude. Thanks a ton!

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