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9 Jun

Introducing Super “H” Serum

3LAB Super H Serum Super Age-Defying Serum

More than a few age-40-plus beauty editors (and their mothers) have fallen in love with this serum, 3LAB Super H Serum Super Age-Defying, because of its ability to make applying boring old antioxidants a totally addictive and impressive experience.


In case you’ve forgotten, antioxidants are the second-most-important skin-care ingredient you can use, according to dermatologists (first place goes to sunscreen). Super “H” doesn’t make your skin feel dry and tight after you put it on, like many other antioxidant serums; it’s as moisturising as a rich cream, leaving skin insanely dewy; and it lessens fine lines and creepiness under the eyes while it’s at it!

It also makes skin look more vibrant—lets say it takes it to a level of radiance that has other people asking what you’ve been using. The price tag is “up there”, especially considering how good it feels and looks to swirl on (it’s very easy to get into the habit of using more than you actually need). It’s the splurge that not only feels decadent but actually delivers impressive results, too.

Key Ingredients: Euk-134 (antioxidant); palmitoyl oligopeptide and palmitoyl tetrapeptide-7 (boost collagen production); oat kernel extract, Indian gooseberry extract, and human oligopeptide-9 (smooth lines); sodium hyaluronate (moisturises).


3LAB Super H Serum Super Age-Defying Serum


3LAB Super H Serum Super Age-Defying


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