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24 Aug

Kevyn Aucoin, A Makeup Icon

By now you have all probably heard me only saying positive things about the make up by Kevyn Aucoin and I’m sure you are wondering who the hell is this guy? And why is she so besotted by his makeup? Seriously he can’t be that good! Well today I have short biography of this great man and how he changed the makeup industry forever in his short life.

Kevyn was adopted from an early age and his three siblings were also adopted.

He realised he was gay at the age of six and was mercilessly bullied at school. He dropped out in high school and enrolled in a beauty school but ended up teaching the class instead.

Interesting fact: Kevyn used to steal makeup as he was afraid to buy it but realised that it probably wasn’t a great idea so he stopped.

Kevyn started his career by applying makeup for free on models. A year later he got his break with Vogue. His Vogue shoot in 1986 of Cindy Crawford shot him to stardom.

Kevyn’s motto was it was far more important to help a woman feel beautiful no matter what, and that makeup was simply his tool for helping her discover herself.

Revlon hired Kevyn as their creative director for their Ultima range in 1993.He designed makeup for all skin tones which at the time was revolutionary. Kevyn also worked with Sajal which is produced by Shiseido.

Kevyn was approached by Laura Mercier and Vincent Longo but he politely declined and started his own brand in 2001.

Kevyn worked with hundreds of celebrities including Cher, Janet Jackson, Hillary Swank, Winona Ryder, Elizabeth Tylor, Celine Dion and many more.

Unfortunately in 2001 Kevyn was diagnosed with a rare pituitary tumor.He became ill and died in May 2002 of liver and kidney failure aged only 40 years old.

I certainly recommend taking a look at his books as well as they are a wealth of information.

Face Forward  ISBN:0316286443

Making Faces ISBN: ISBN 0-316-28686-9

The Art of Makeup ISBN: 0-060-17186-3

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As for what to purchase, I have the entire makeup range and can recommend everything. All products are of the highest quality. This is from someone who suffers allergies to makeup endlessly however Kevyn Aucoin’s makeup has never caused any breakouts or allergies. Yes it isn’t cheap however the products last a long time, are great quality and you will be receiving endless comments about how great your makeup looks just like me 😉 So go on and indulge yourself!

A brilliant makeup artist ahead of his time. He single handedly changed how the makeup industry works.

Kristina Ioannou

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