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28 Mar

New York Dermatologist To The Stars: Colbert Md.

Colbert MD

We’ve all heard about the crazy beauty rituals that celebrities go through before a red-carpet event, and the Colbert MD Triad Facial is one of the treatments A-listers like Naomi Watts, Rachel Weiss and Angelina Jolie swear by. While most of us probably won’t spend $1,200 for a 30-minute facial, we can all rejoice at the prospect of having Hollywood skin with the skincare range that Dr David Colbert has created.

Besides creating his own skincare line and being a consultant for Chanel, Dr Colbert also happens to be the “on-set skincare guru” who treats the skin of actors and actresses, well, on set. In addition to maintaining busy practices in Manhattan and Los Angeles and promoting a luxury skin care line that bears his name, Colbert is the go-to, on-set dermatologist to the stars.

Yes, many movies also offer skin care services, including patch and lab testing of makeup and blemish control for actors and production crews, along with craft services and other amenities. He was most recently seen at Jennifer Lawrence’s side while she was filming X-Men in which she had to wear blue paint head to toe for her role, Mystique.So, excited about what Dr Colbert can do for your skin yet? Let’s get started.


Intensify Facial Discs
The Intensify Facial Discs simulates the microdermabrasion step in the Triad Facial, and it removes dead skin cells to promote skin-cell renewal, allowing skincare products to penetrate into the skin easily. The discs are moistened with Bromelain, a pineapple enzyme that eliminates dull skin, dryness and environmental toxins.

Dr Colbert's favourite product. A multi-tasking facial oil that helps to refine texture, improve tone and brighten skin for a more radiant-looking complexion.











Stimulate Serum
This serum replicates the chemical peel and laser toning of the Triad Facial to increase collagen production and refine the texture of the skin. The serum uses an encapsulation delivery method called QuSome Technology to enable the ingredients to penetrate deeper into the dermis. The Glycolic Acid in the serum gently peels the skin without the redness and irritation that are often associated with peeling products.


Colbert M.D. Stimulate - The Serum











Soothe Night
This cream was developed for Angelina Jolie when she was filming Salt, because the constant use of prosthetics on her skin left it in undesirable condition. The cream uses the same QuSome technology to deliver nutrients deep into the skin to calm irritation and leave it looking dewy and hydrated.

Colbert M.D. Soothe Night










Illumino Face Oil
Dr Colbert’s favourite product. A multi-tasking facial oil that helps to refine texture, improve tone and brighten skin for a more radiant-looking complexion. Worried about your skin’s tone, texture or lack of radiance? Colbert MD’s ‘Illumino’ facial treatment is a packed with five powerful oils to aid cell repair, boost elasticity, hydrate and protect. It’s also been developed with skin-soothing Retinol, Vitamin C and plant-based QuSome® Technology to ensure each oil penetrates deeply for maximum results. If you are going to invest in one Colbert MD product, make it this one!


Colbert M.D. Illumino Face Oil











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