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2 Jul

Skincare when pregnant. What to avoid


I remember when I was pregnant and worried about every little thing I put in my mouth. I did some online research and came across various articles that told me the usual – avoid soft cheese, alcohol, deli meats etc.
I also came across some interesting research that said while organic products are often best for pregnant ladies as they don’t contain many of the chemicals, retinoids or acids found in other cosmetics, they contain other ingredients that ladies should stay away from. For example, if you suffer from the mask of pregnancy (chloasma or melasma), products containing soy or oil of bergamot, which are often found in organic products, can often make the dark spots worse.
There are also several essential oils to avoid without checking with your doctor first such as rosemary, clary-sage and jasmine. These can sometimes trigger contractions. Chemical hair treatments, like straitening and perming that contain Keratin are best avoided also as there is not enough data to say that they are safe.
On the upside, you can still have manicures and pedicures (and you should as when that tummy gets really big, it’s nice to know your toes look pretty even though you can’t see them!). There is not enough formaldehyde in the chemicals used to be a problem. You can still get your hair dyed, though if you are worried; just make sure that the stylist doesn’t let the dye touch your scalp.
Baths are an absolute must-do while you are pregnant. It’s one of the few times your back won’t ache and you feel weightless…bliss! Just don’t jump in if the water is too hot and be careful about which oils or candles you have around you (see above).
There are lots of people online shouting about what you should and shouldn’t do while pregnant. It’s scary, if you are a first-time mummy like I was. Always consult your doctor or midwife if you are concerned.

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