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6 May

Splurge vs Budget Beauty Buys


When it comes to spending your coin on beauty buys, it pays to know which items to splurge on and which products you can save on. To make the purchasing process all the more easier, we’ve thrown together a guide to help you decipher what’s worth paying more for and which prods you can get for a steal.


Splurge: Hair Mask: Nothing beats healthy and shiny tresses but the only way to achieve this is with a high quality hair masque that goes the distance. Reach for the luxurious Kerastase Nutritive Masquintense Highly Concentrated Nourishing Treatment, which will bring back life into your strands. You only need to use a coin sized amount at least once per week, so rest assured that the tub will last and last, giving you bang for your buck.

Save: Shampoo: Because you’ll be using shampoo more often than your weekly hair treatment, a cheaper variety is a wise option. Opt for something like BioSilk Hydrating Shampoo, which is super hydrating and will leave the tresses smooth, shiny & healthy.



Splurge: Perfume: It goes without saying that a bottle of perfume is a timeless vanity treasure well worth the investment. Why? Because cheaper sprays usually offer a short-term hit of scent, while their expensive counterparts have loads of staying power and aromas that are decadent, complex and utterly alluring. We love Jo Malone Red Roses Cologne Spray.

Save: Hand Cream: Slathering on a skin salve to your paws doesn’t need to cost you an arm and leg. Applying a buttery-soft formula like Laura Mercier Creme Brulee Hand Cream which smells delicious and is highly replenishing for the skin will work just as well as an exxy version.



SPLURGE: Mascara: If beautiful, bold lashes are your thing, then it’s worth buying a top-of-the-range mascara as opposed to a budget version, which may not produce the kind of beautiful peepers you’re after. Chanel Sublime De Chanel Waterproof Mascara is a best-selling wunderprod for stretching, sculpting and coating the lashes with waterproof pigment that lasts.

SAVE: Eyeliner: A cheap eyeliner can work just as much magic as an expensive version. Key features to look out for include waxiness, blendability and a firm, fine tip for liquid liners. Clinique Eye Defining Liquid Liner features all of this and more!

faceSplurge: Foundation: Your foundation is a feature which everybody sees, so it’s important to ensure your complexion is flawless and glowy. That’s why it’s worth splurging on a good quality foundation such as Giorgio Armani Luminous Silk Foundation for radiant and flawless results.

Save: Concealer: You don’t need to spend a ton of money on a concealer, as all you’re really doing is touching up minimal blemishes and smoothing out uneven areas. Just ensure you select a product that’s creamy and smooth and will blend easily, such as Calvin Klein Endless Light Brightening Concealer.

skinSplurge: Moisturiser: Beautiful skin starts with the right products. A high-end moisturiser that contains sophisticated research and development, as well as active ingredients that are of a higher quality and concentration, is more likely to give you healthy-looking skin over the long term than a product which doesn’t have nearly as many of these features. Try Aesop Sage & Zinc Facial Hydrating Cream SPF15 to supercharge your skincare regime.

Save: Cleanser: Despite the low price tag, something like Philosophy Purity Made Simple One Step Facial Cleanser will clean and purify the skin beautifully, and you needn’t break bank. The award-winning, one-step daily facial cleanser helps eliminate makeup, cleanse, tone and lightly moisturises the skin.


Splurge: Bronzer: For bronzer, you want a product that doesn’t crumble easily and imparts natural radiance and a streak-free finish. Many inexpensive bronzers rarely give you a silky feel, which is why a top notch palette will become your beauty best friend. Apply Estee Lauder Bronze Goddess Powder Bronzer to the areas where the light hits your face to warm up your complexion naturally.

Save: Blush: You don’t need to shell out loads of cash on blush, as often all you really need is a simple pop of pigment to complete a makeup look. Add colour and dimension to your face with Korres Zea Mays Powder Blush.

brushesSplurge: Hair Brush: Hot hair is everything when it comes to your daily style, so it’s okay to spend your money on one great product such as a high-quality Mason Pearson Hair Brush that will make the most difference in the look and feel of your mane.

Save: Makeup Brush: While you don’t want to invest in bottom-of-the-barrel makeup brushes, you can get away with spending less on these, just as long as the bristles are strong and soft. The Priori Kabuki Brush is an all-purpose brush used by many celebrity makeup artists that’s perfect for full-coverage application of powders.



Splurge: Tweezers: Since the eyebrows frame your face, aim for picture-perfect and beautifully groomed arches that will work at boosting your overall beauty. Get the look with Tweezerman Slant Tweezers  which are fantastic at grooming unruly brows in quick, even strokes, without breaking the hairs.

Save: Eyelash Curler: While elongated, curled lashes are a beautiful asset to have and can generally be achieved with the right mascara and a good eyelash curler, a cheaper variety will do the trick. Tweezerman Professional Classic Lash Curler has a soft yet firm strip to prevent the lashes from tearing out and features a a retractable spring for shaping the lashes effortlessly.

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