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23 Jan

Introducing Luxury Skincare-Line ELEMIS


It doesn’t come much more luxurious than Elemis, a range of decadent skincare products for face and body, once exclusively available in spas, that leave you looking youthful, glowing and gorgeous every day. With the finest ingredients and cutting edge technology, the experts at Elemis bring age-defying care and indulgent formulas we know you’ll love.

Elemis brings the luxury of the day spa directly into your home!

21 Mar

The Anti-ageing Products That Will Revitalise Your Skin

best anti ageing skincare products 2017

What are the best anti-ageing skincare products 2017 has to offer? There’s a lot to consider when you’re trying to slow down the ageing clock: how to protect your skin from environmental aggressors, the best anti ageing products, even the best anti-ageing foods.

The problem is that anti-ageing skincare products can seem a little intimidating if you’re trying to choose a new one. There are creams, scrubs, balms, lotions, masks and much more, but they all claim to do the same one thing: slow, or even reverse, the immediate and long-term effects of ageing. With so many to choose from, how can we know which ones are the best anti-ageing beauty products and why they work?

We’ve selected our best anti-ageing beauty products  2017 has to offer – so read up and see what’s right for you!

8 Jul

Winter Pamper Session: How to get gorgeous during the big chill

winter pampering

winter pampering

Take a look down at your skin. Right now. Notice the flakiness? The lacklustre pallor? See those dry patches? You can blame it on Mr Jack Frost. That dude is never nice when winter rolls around, which often means we’re left with a bedraggled beauty state on par with the quality of Amanda Byne’s twitter rants.

But there’s no point neglecting yo’ fine self a moment longer. Use the wild weather conditions as the the perfect excuses for spending a little ‘me’ time indoors with these DIY pampering and beauty treatments. Get ready to relax, revive and rejuvenate.