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24 May

The At-Home Beauty Trend To Try Today.

face masks

If you’re not already partaking in this beauty trend, you’ve probably at least seen it in action on Instagram!
Known as multi-masking……..yes,  it’s a clever little beauty tactic of applying multiple beauty masks to different areas of the face. Rather than choosing one mask and swiping it all over, multi-masking is layering different types of masks in order to target different skincare concerns.

Masks are intensive products and are used to target a particular skincare problem – the most common are masks that mattify, purify or brighten the skin. Multi-masking makes it possible to target various skincare concerns at once, just like your facialist would during a treatment. Think of it as a DIY facial.

The reason multi-masking works is because very few of us have a one-product-fixes-all complexion. For example, it’s common to get an oil build-up in the t-zone, yet experience dry skin on other areas, especially as temperatures drop. So, here’s how to do it.

For Oil Control and Pore Refining

Take a thin layer of a charcoal-based mask, Origins Clear Improvement Active Charcoal Mask To Clear Pores, and apply it to cleansed skin.
This mask combines a blend of clays and charcoal powder to mattify and control oil. So while the charcoal powder draws dirt out from the pores, the clay will soak up the excess oil. This is predominantly an oil-control product but cleverly, it also contains hydrating ingredients to prevent dryness.

As mentioned, you’ll want to concentrate on the t-zone, spreading the deep-gray formula where oil tends to cling.

origins charcola mask










For Brightness and Hydration

Next, follow with a second mask. Try applying Clinique’s Even Better Brightening Moisture Mask to the cheeks and forehead.
This white, creamy and luxurious formula can be massaged upwards into the skin to revitalise and intensely hydrate the skin for soft and supple result.

clinique brightening mask









Leave both masks to dry. When multi-masking, remember that you’re using different textures so some (like Origins Clear Improvement Active Charcoal Mask To Clear Pores ) will slightly harden when dry, while others will stay soft and creamy (like the Clinique Brightening Mask).

Once dry, or after ten to fifteen minutes, swipe both masks off with a damp cloth. Skin will feel soft, supple and pampered.

Once you’ve mastered this technique, you can layer as many masks as you’d like on to the skin.
So, Get masking!

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