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2 Feb

To protect, or breakout?

Finally it is my turn to say hello! I am single mum and appreciate high quality makeup and skincare. Although my budget is limited I do have moments of madness when I purchase a beauty product instead of paying a bill. Ah yes, you’re all nodding with Choosing the right sunscreen for oily and combination skin prone to breakouts, UVA and UVB protectionguilt. I completely empathise as I seem to do it on a regular basis. In my defence I do work for a beauty company so I need to know about products right? I digress.

As I have fair skin and burn easily I am always on the hunt for the perfect sunscreen that won’t make me look like Casper the ghost and will protect me from turning into a lobster-like creation.

Sunscreen is very important in Australia as the sun is rather harsh and plus I am vain and would like to keep my skin youthful for as long as I can!

The Chroma White TRx Pure Light SPF 30 is a sunscreen I rather like except for the hefty price tag. At $67.00 it is a pricey sunscreen and I expected a lot and it certainly did deliver. The texture is nice, absorbs easily and I certainly didn’t resemble Casper. Also, no breakouts and no redness, great! I’m not sure about the brightening as my blemishes sadly still remained intact. The scent is light and pleasant. This sunscreen is great if you can and want to splurge.

Next in line is the Priori Advanced AHA Daily Defense SPF 30. At $41.00 it is a little more reasonable in price. Word of warning, if you like products that smell nice then stay away! It has a very chemical smell that I still haven’t gotten used to. This is easy to apply and also no Casper lookalikes here, bonus! It is absorbed easily by the skin. For 3 months I used this product and kept wondering why I started breaking out again. I modified my diet, removed dairy, ate more fruit and vegetables and changed my cleanser. Turns out this particular product was the culprit! After applying the sunscreen to my neck and arms my breakouts disappeared within the week and my skin was clear again. Needless to say this product is not on my repurchase list. Regrettably I purchase the salon size so I am stuck with it for a while yet. Note to self, if you haven’t used the product in the past do NOT purchase the salon size of the product.

Next is the BareMinerals Natural Sunscreen SPF 30 For Face & Body – Light. This is an unusual product as it is an all-natural powder sunscreen. The pros are that the product is natural and contains no chemicals and no preservatives so great for sensitive skin.  This product can be drying for dry skin so would only recommend this to people with oily, combination or normal skin. I struggled with this one as I never knew if I had put on enough sunscreen. It doesn’t, however, make my skin breakout and it is very light. I personally use this as a touch up sunscreen prior to leaving work so I don’t burn on my way home. If you don’t like liquid moisturisers you may like to give this sunscreen a go however I will remain loyal to my liquid SPF products.

I will continue hunting for that allusive sunscreen and I hope that one fine day I will find the perfect sunscreen at a reasonable price that will keep my skin happy. What are your thoughts? Have you found the perfect sunscreen? If you have please share!

Kristina Ioannou

Kristina Ioannou here, your official go-to beauty gal, discover beauty on line. Come find me on <a href="">Google+<a />

  • Zara

    I have been using the Devita Solar Body Block lately and I love it. It’s a moisturizer with SPF 30+, it soaks right in, no whiteness, practically no smell and it’s cheap.

    February 2, 2012 at 12:00 PM Reply
    • freshbeautyblog

      Hi Zara,

      thanks for your comment! I will definitely have to look into this! Am loving that it soaks right in, nothing worse then having to wait for skincare to soak in!

      February 13, 2012 at 3:17 PM Reply

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