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27 Apr

Weekend DIY: Colour code your keys using nail polish!

keysI am the absolute worst when it comes to my keys. I have a gazillion and one different types so when I need to actually unlock something, it can take ages to find the right one. Totally annoying!

So after scrambling around in the dark the other night outside my apartment, I realised it was time to get my butt organised and establish a way of deciphering between each key… using nail polish!

I’ve amassed an endless supply of varnishes, but most I just don’t ever use. So this weekend I thought I’d utilise as many as possible with a little DIY session.  I decided to paint each individual key a separate colour using my polishes to make all of my unlocking woes a little bit easier.

It’s easy, pretty and fun to do so I thought I’d share a few simple instructions of how you too can get organised.


1. Lay out a napkin or piece of newspaper to ensure you don’t spill any polish on the surface that you’re working from.

2. Wipe down the key using some water and a cotton bud to get rid of any dirt or grime.

3. Paint the top of each key a bright colour. 2 – 3 coats should do the trick.

4. Wait at least half an hour for each to dry.

5. Set with a top coat – just as you would your nails!

6. Make sure you keep a colour guide somewhere as a reference if you ever forget what each key is for!

That’s it! Now you have a set of colour coded keys so you’ll never have to waste time fumbling around in your bag for the right one. You can even add a layer of glitter over the top to funk things up a bit. Have fun!


❤ Kristina xo

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  • GillyFae

    SO clever! What a great idea! 😀

    April 28, 2013 at 2:57 PM Reply

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